GPON OLT SFP B+, Bi-Directional, Tx1490nm 2.5G /Rx1310nm 1.25G, Single Mode Fiber, SC/UPC DOM Optical Transceiver Module

GPON OLT SFP B+, Bi-Directional, Tx1490nm 2.5G/Rx1310nm 1.25G, Single Mode Fiber, SC/UPC DOM Optical Transceiver Module


Manufacturer Name: MILJET SOLUTIONS, INC. Florida USA
Part Number: MJ-GSFP-OLT-B+
Model: SFP GPON – Standard ITU G.984.2 Class B+
Data rate/capacity: 2.5Gbps-Tx / 1.25Gbps-Rx
Maximum Distance: 20km
Wavelength: Tx-1490nm APD-TIA Laser / Rx-1310nm DFB Laser
TX Power/Power: 1.5 ~ 5dBm
RX Receive Sensitivity: < -28dBm
Optical Power Overload: -8.5dBm
Interface: SC Simplex Connector (Bi-Directional WDM 1 Fiber) PC or UPC Polishing
Cable Type: Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) 9/125µm OS2
MTBF: 3,922.277 hours
DOM/DDM Optical Digital Monitor: Yes
Dimensions/Weight: 75mm x 13.4mm x 8.5mm / 30g
Temperature Range: 0°C to +70°C | Single +3.3V
Compliance: ISO9001, FCC, CE, RoHS, SFP MSA, Class 1 Laser.

Using a GPON SFP B+ is considered a more convenient and cost-effective FTTH solution for end customers. It also reduces the devices that need to be provided by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). The SFP module simplified the implementation of GPON services. It benefits service providers and end users, making using GPON a cost-effective and efficient way to provide high-quality broadband services. This product allows the distribution of multipoint connections from a GPON port on the OLT side, thus facilitating the service to end users through an optimized optical network that connects to a CPE/ONU installed on the end client side..

Condition: NEW in Box
Weight: 0.030 kg
Compatible with: Cisco, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Tp-link, D-Link, Arista, Huawei, ZTE, FiberHome, Trendnet, Linksys, Netgear, Zyxel. For other brands please contact us.

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